Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my appointment take?

All sessions are for a full hour.

Can I bring a friend?

The appointment is time especially for you so please come alone, I do not have a waiting room so if you wish your friend to travel with you please find somewhere else for them to wait for you.

Is it confidential?

I abide by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy Code of Ethics and the information you discuss with me is confidential. I am required to receive professional supervision but your identity is not revealed in these sessions. I would only communicate with your doctor with your written permission

How many times would we meet?

We would agree at the first session how many meetings would be reasonable for you. A minimum of 6 sessions is usually recommended, however that may not be what you want. We would discuss shorter or longer terms at that first session.

How much will each session cost?

60 minute sessions for individuals 55, 60 minute sessions for couples 60.
Shorter appointments for younger people cost 40

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